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Jun. 26th, 2013

I sing for you.



Sep. 12th, 2010

I sing for you.

[backdated to yesterday morning]

Everybody, everybody!

Today, me and Yosuke and Takuto and Serge are having a concert in the music room after lunch! It'd make me really happy if you all came... You should be there by two, that's when it starts!

And you should all join music club, too, even if you can't make it! It's going to be really fun this year, especially if a lot of people sign up.

[ooc: A log for this will be up most likely tonight, for anybody interested!]

Sep. 4th, 2010

I sing for you.


[The voice that sounds is doing something not heard very often over the journals; singing. She's not affected by any spell or potion, or trick of the castle, but she had free time between classes. What better way to celebrate the beginning of another year?]

This is not an IC cut!Collapse )

Welcome back to Hogwarts, everybody! I hope everybody has a good year!

[ooc: Just in case you didn't know, she's a really talented singer in canon! c: Also, the song is Home from The Wiz. Derp.]

Aug. 26th, 2010

I sing for you.

(no subject)

There's going to be a dance this Saturday? That sounds so fun!

Who's going? Does anybody want to meet there? I need to pick out a dress... Maybe I'll wear the one Natsuo bought me in London!

Miss Fin, you're all the way better, right?

Natsuo, do you think you'll [Scribbled out SO HARD, but you can probably make out a word if you squint.]

Jul. 11th, 2010

I try and I try and I try.

[Accidental Voice]

[After this, she went back to her cabin, making sure it was empty. She picked up her journal, trying to decide whether or not to talk to anyone, but finally dropped it without realizing it was still open.

After a few moments, soft crying comes over the journal, gradually rising in volume, before she rolls over on the bed and shoves it off. It falls to the ground and the noise ends; she still hasn't realized it was open in the first place.]

Jul. 8th, 2010

All of life's mistakes.

(no subject)

...Can I talk to a boy from Slytherin? Er, a sixth year.

[Letter sent to Rosemariné]

After camp, can I come to your house for a day or two? I need to ask you something.


Takuto, I might visit a friend after camp ends... Is that alright?


Camp is really fun, isn't it, everyone? I've never been to something like this in my life! All the counselors seem really nice...

Jun. 27th, 2010

To even begin to think it's all right.


I-I don't think I like this at all! It's really weird! Everyone in this house is treating me oddly, and I... I woke up naked on the lawn and I'm a boy and I don't know why!

[Filtered to Jules and Rosemarine]

You know Gilbert, right? Er... Can you tell me why everyone is treating me weird?

Jun. 16th, 2010

And I'm feeling good.

Backdated to sometime before dinner tonight.

This is really, really fun! I usually don't like what the castle does, but this time it did something fun and happy... Oh, I think I might be about to--

I'll be your candle on the water
My love for you will always burn
I know you're lost and drifting
But the clouds are lifting
Don't give up
You have somewhere to turn

I'll be your candle on the water
'Til every wave is warm and bright
My soul is there beside you
Let this candle guide you
Soon you'll see a golden stream of light

A cold and friendless tide has found you
Don't let the stormy darkness pull you down
I'll paint a ray of hope around you
Circling in the air
Lighted by a prayer

I'll be your candle on the water
This flame inside of me will grow
Keep holding on, you'll make it
Here's my hand, so take it
Look for me, reaching out to show
As sure as rivers flow
I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go...

See, see! Singing is really fun!

[ooc: for those who don't know the canon, she is a singer, so you can assume she has an amazing voice. C:]

Jun. 9th, 2010

All of life's mistakes.

(no subject)

[Filtered to Eichi]

There's something

We can't

Maybe we should

I have to tell

Can I tell

This really isn't

Can you meet me somewhere?


I... I think I did pretty well on exams. I think!

How is everyone? I guess I've been so busy studying I haven't really checked...

[Icon appears as this if you aren't Eichi.]

May. 28th, 2010

Open your eyes for a second.

(no subject)

Oh, this is so fun! I hope I get to meet lots of new people... Maybe we can exchange addresses and be pen pals! I always thought that seemed like it would be nice.

Oh, my name is Mitsuki Koyama! It's very nice to meet you all...

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