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And I've had my heart beaten down, but I always come back for more.

There's nothing like love to pull you up when you're lying down on the floor.

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Mitsuki Koyama
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At first glance, Mitsuki is a cheerful, optimistic, all around adorable girl. And for the most part, that’s what she is. However, look a little deeper, and you’ll find that she isn’t all that perfect; there are things that upset her, and she can get angry sometimes. She hates it when people take others for granted, and believes that you should tell the people you care about how you feel when you have the chance, due to her experience with Eichi. She hates it when you insult her friends in front of her, or even if you insult people she doesn’t like that much. There are sides of herself she doesn’t show anybody; she’s bitter, she’s scared of losing her friends, and she finds more faults in herself than anybody else. Despite her faults, though, she’s a kind person; if she sees somebody is unhappy, she’ll try her hardest to ease their suffering. She can sometimes be blunt and unintentionally hurt people, but she doesn’t really ever mean harm. She’s not a thick skinned person at all; one insult or rude remark will make her doubt herself for days, partially due to her already low opinion of herself.

When Mitsuki was born, her father panicked and sped to the hospital, resulting in a car crash that took the lives of both of her parents. After this, she spent her life in a orphanage for several years. There, she made many friends, including a boy named Eichi Sakurai. They instantly formed a bond, and spent every waking minute of the day together. However, one day he confessed his love to her, and their relationship became much more complicated. She began to avoid him, due to her shy nature, and then the news came; Eichi was to be adopted by a young couple, who would take him to America. Mitsuki was heartbroken, but couldn’t find the courage to wish him goodbye. Before he got on the plane, he told her to forget about him, and she realized at that moment that she returned his feelings. However, before she could say anything, he was on the plane and out of reach. A while after this, Mitsuki was diagnosed with cancer; a kind of tumor in her throat called a sarcoma. She refused to get it removed, seeing as her vocal chords would have to go with it. All she wanted out of her life was to be able to sing. She went to live with her grandmother after this, who wasn’t supportive of her interest in music. Then, one day, the letter from Hogwarts came. Although her grandmother was reluctant to send her to a faraway school in her condition, Mitsuki’s relentless begging finally convinced her Grandmother to allow her to attend the school, and over to England Mitsuki went… With about a year to live.


Eichi Sakurai - Her boyfriend, and her first love. He hid his presence from her for a while, but finally revealed himself to her, and she's never been happier in her life.

Meroko Yui - Another one of her caretakers from the Center - this girl is the one Mitsuki knows least about. She can tell she’s a nice person, though! And that she loves Takuto. …A lot.

Takuto Kira - One of the people from the Center, assigned to watch over her. At first, their relationship was only that, but over time they became fond of each other. Their relationship took a turn for the worse when she found out about his tumor, but she’s forgiven him for not wanting to get it removed; after all, she’s doing the exact same thing. They recently found out that had her parents lived, he would have been her adoptive older brother.

Izumi Lio - She tries, really hard, to be his friend, but she can’t seem to melt his shell of unfriendliness. She knows that something is troubling the blond, but she can’t seem to figure out what, or help him get over it, and that troubles her.

Natsuo Sagan - They'd been friends for a while, but things got awkward when he told her he liked her during an event; since then, they've gotten past it, and things have returned to normal. ...For a short time, that is. They got awkward again when he clarified that he loved her, and talking to him is more than a little difficult for her. She doesn't know anymore whether she considers him her best friend or something more.

Haseo - Their friendship deepened considerably when they were trapped in a Truth or Dare room together - he asked something which forced her to tell him about her tumor, making him the only student not from the Center that knows her secret. Luckily, he agreed to keep it a secret, and they’ve become better friends since.

Raimei Shimizu - She’s pretty sure the girl doesn’t like her, from the way she talks to her. But, she’s persistent, so she talks to her anyways - despite not knowing anything about her past other than that her family is passed away. She just found out about her and Haseo’s relationship.

Jomy Marquis Shin - She admires how openminded and strong the boy is, and his playful and humorous side makes her happy, as well. He let her stay at his villa in Paris with him and Blue for a good part of the summer, and she was really grateful.

Lenalee Lee - They’re pretty cheerful together, and they enjoy each other’s optimism. They’re also there for each other when times are hard, and Mitsuki tried to her best to cheer her up after she lost her hair and the use of her legs.

Miki Kaoru - She identifies with the boy’s love of music, and she pities him for his relationship with his sister. She also thinks he’s a very nice person, and enjoys talking to him.

Link Larkin - She doesn’t understand why he’s so against muggles, but she supposes it’s due to his upbringing. Now, if only his mother was a nice person…

Alfons Heiderich - She got to know him when she got sucked through the sink into his dorm. His… boys only dorm. Awkwardness aside, he’s a nice boy and he didn’t get angry at her, so she feels like she can trust him. She finds his work with rockets pretty interesting.

Edward Elric - She gets a little frustrated when he stops her from finding out about things she really wants to know, but she figures it’s only because he’s overprotective, so it’s easy to forgive him. She wonders why he’s so angry all the time, though…

Matthew Kirkland - She hasn’t spoken to him in a while, but she was able to help him when he was feeling down by singing him a song. Unfortunately, the strain caused her to collapse, and he had to bring her to the infirmary. She just hopes he’s not still worried about her.

Alfred F. Jones - She went out for ice cream with him once after they met, and it was really nice. She also appreciates his hugs, and that he's always there to help, even when she doesn't admit she needs help.

Jonquil Wong - Jon acts as something like an older sister to Mitsuki, calling her adorable often. It makes her a little flustered, but she doesn't mind, and Jon is definitely a very sweet girl.

Saralegui Sargon - He might not seem like he likes her very much, but she wants to help him, because their opinions of themselves are similarly low. And, as she puts it, 'I can like you if I want!'.

Rosmarine Arion - He's a nice boy, even if it sometimes makes her uncomfortable when he tries to spoil her. Still, she knows he means well, and it just shows that he can be kind.

Jules de Ferrier - They first met because he was Rosemarine's friend, and she discovered Jules is a really nice person. He brought her tea when she was in the infirmary. He took her to France. Good times.

Yosuke Hanamura - Another one of her big brother figures; Yosuke is always really kind towards her, and she appreciates it.

Social capital

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